Religion is what you believe because, when you imagine it to be so, it just feels right.

In this view, religion is not just about God. It’s about everything. And there are many reasons for it, many motivations. Fear, resentment, hatred, superstition, tribalism, narcissism, megalomania. It sums up some of the great forces that drive the world, and in particular the world’s politics.

Making this observation is an antireligious act, comprehension for its own sake. It’s a reminder that evolution left the human psyche with many things, from love and loyalty to lust and guilt to rituals of authority and deference, that are primarily concerned with the survival of the species, of the group. But it left you as an individual with one thing that can be said to concern you alone: your ablity to comprehend things outside of you; that is, your own intelligence.

And that’s what this site is about. Thinking about how the world works.

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