Government and Freedom – 1

Tri-corner hats. Tea bags. Ayn Rand. Outrage. Disaffected people who believe themselves to be the spiritual heirs of Ronald Reagan, yearning for a leader they can rally ’round, a messiah who will take them into righteous battle with that enemy of liberty and freedom everywhere, The Government.

One wonders, if they believe so enthusiastically in dismantling government, why do they not begin at home. One can appreciate how inspiring it must be to dream of a patriotic assault on the Beast lurking in the nation’s capital, but His bureaucratic ilk are scattered across the land, and the messiah may be long in coming. Why do these lovers of liberty wait? Why do they not begin with the beasts at hand, with the many governments that intrude uninvited and trample freedom every hour of every day, not just on

One can perhaps understand their reluctance to be drawn into so many battles trying to preserve liberty that they might be stretched too thin, but I believe this fear to be unfounded. Liberty is the aspiration of all, and if even a few chains could be loosened surely the taste of freedom would fire the imagination, and people would rise up to join the vanguard.

So begin anywhere. Get on the city council, scrap the zoning laws, and turn out the zoning commission. Repeal the building code and disband the inspectors. Return the money saved to its rightful owners, the taxpayers.

Dissolve the public health department and its stifling burden of licenses and permits and labyrinthine rules strangling small businesses everywhere, from nail salons to coffee shops and restaurants. Let the market work its magic and business bloom, and people will rise up and demand an end to tyranny.

Tear down the street lights and sell the roads. Scrap the socialist, nanny-state seat belt and helmet laws. Put the cops to work chasing criminals, not missing brake lights. When the roads are run for profit the people will be amazed that they put up with traffic snarls and potholes for so long.

If the beast can be driven from the cities (and it seems impossible to fail), state houses will tremble, and the people will awaken to the folly of doctors, lawyers, and engineers forced to seek permission to earn a living from state-sponsored associations of other doctors, lawyers, and engineers, whose interests lie only in protecting themselves. If healthcare costs and exorbitant legal fees are bleeding the country dry, then destroy these state-sponsored guilds and let the market rule.

Smash the state’s control of thought, and sweep the land free of those calcified institutions of patronage and propaganda: public schools, community colleges, and public universities. Let ideas compete for students, not students for state certificates.

By the time the lovers of liberty reach Washington, they may find there is nothing more to battle, that the halls and chambers of The Beast are empty, echoing only to the tread of Alex Jones.

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