Remember the Arab Spring?

A news report from Egypt today tells us,

A court in the city of Minya on Monday convicted a Christian reporter of promoting sectarianism and sentenced him to five years in prison. Egypt’s flagship state newspaper … said that the reporter … was charged with communicating with an American television station “in order to depict Egyptian Christians as victims of discrimination” and thus “instigate sectarianism.”

It may sound like just one small news item, but it’s like a poster-child for our ten-year attempt to cultivate the Western model in the Middle East. We thought Saddam and Mubarak and Assad were the bad guys. We refused to consider why they were in power in the first place. Refused to consider that they might be the lesser of any number of possible evils.

We still do. Which undoubtedly goes a long way toward explaining our persistent lack of plausible strategy. Boundless faith in democracy is not a strategy.

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