Dennis Foster

Another excerpt from AVRM.

The Remains Novels

The draft of A Very Religious Man is undergoing edits. The plan is still to release it in paperback and for e-reader later this year.

AVRM begins where The Cage left off, but it also fills in some back story. Today I thought I would post an excerpt. Hope you enjoy it.

At the age of forty Dennis Foster had been surrounded by idiots for most of his adult life. Or so it seemed.

There were the idiots who had made his printing business such a headache to run. A few were idiots who worked for him, although these didn’t last. Mostly they were idiots from one government agency or another, prowling through his plant, nosing around for something just a little bit out of place, so they could leave behind a fancy citation full of imperious injunctions and meaningless deadlines. All for a toilet seat. Or a missing yellow…

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