Max Wyse

Max Wyse is the protagonist in a novel that was a true labor of love to write, about people living after an apocalypse, not in a raw survivor-story way, but in a way that explores the motivations of some unusual characters, people who have survived an existential crisis, people coming to grips with the challenge of making a new world, and people who can’t quite figure out where they fit in.

The novel therefore touches on some of the elemental tensions of civilization. Between organization and autonomy, for instance. Between power and freedom. Conflicts that stay with us, because they are all facets of the same reality.

But at its heart the story is about a young man who is driven to the realization that, after everything else is stripped from him, friends, family, love, a place in the world, even the fear of death itself, something remains that still matters. A reason to live. It’s an awareness that enables him to salvage his life, and face a much greater test than he ever imagined.

The Cage. A novel.
Available at lulu.

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